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About us

Liz and Max are the photographic duo Haarala Hamilton specialising in capturing food, people and places. They are two people: Liz, the one with the funny name, is the Haarala; and Max, the one with the funny hair, is the Hamilton.

They met at university and spent many hours in the dark room together, eventually they decided two pairs of eyes were better than one and started working together professionally as a team.

They have photographed many cook books, they shoot the weekly Food and Drinks pages for The Telegraph, Stella magazine and Grazia.

They are regular contributors to numerous magazines including Boat magazine, Huck, OFM and Voyeur Magazine, which has allowed them to be sent to many parts of the world and have the opportunity to meet some very interesting people and taste some incredible food.

They have worked on various campaigns for different brands and agencies including Carluccio’s, Turtle Bay, Kindred, Shelter, GAIL’s and Made by Many.

They love working on location and also in their studio in Stockwell, South London. Everyday brings an new inspiration for them through their work, be it meeting new people, going to new places or tasting new food.